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Special Order Item - Mokpo City Tourism souvenir
It is designed with the motif of Mokpo’s eight attractions, showing cultural characteristics and symbols of Mokpo city.
The first attraction - Yusangiam (Marvelous rocks in Yudalsan)
The second attraction - Yongdanggwibeom (Landscape of sailing boat returning from the dragon head of Gohado)
The third attraction - Asanchunu (Landscape of Asan (mountain located on Yeongam side and opposite to Samhakdo) in spring rain)
The fourth attraction - Hakdocheongram (Landscape of Samhakdo with beautifully colored fall foliage)
The fifth attraction - Geumgangchuwol (Landscape of Yeongsan River under autumn moonlight)
The sixth attraction - Ibambanjo (Landscape of Gatbawi gleaming under evening sunset)
The seventh attraction - Godoseolsong (Landscape of pines covered with snow in Gohado)
The eighth attraction - Dalsamojong (landscape of Dalseongsa with the sound of evening bells)
  • MP-M001_imageMP-M001 Folding screen of Mokpo’s 8 attractions (four breadths) - Mother of pearl Configuration : Screens folder ((49cm×27cm×1cm)
    box : 28.5cm × 14.3cm × 5cm
  • MP-W001(앞)MP-W001 Folding screen of Mokpo’s 8 attractions (four breadths) - Wood Configuration : Screens folder ((49cm×27cm×1cm)
    box : 28.5cm × 14.3cm × 5cm
  • MP-M002MP-M002 Mokpo’s 8 attractions Magnet Configuration : circle size(4.2cm x 0.7cm), square size(4cm x 3cm x 0.7cm), sector size(5.2cm x 2.6cm x 0.7cm)
    box : 26cm × 21cm × 3.3cm
Special Order Item - Busan Metropolitan City Tourism souvenir
Echo Center in the Mouth of Nakdong River - It is designed with the motif of a swan, which is the symbol of Nakdong River Echo Center, along with reed, Calystegia soldanella and Vitex rotundifolia, which are the plants only growing at the mouth of Nakdong River.
  • 낙동강_imageEpoxy mobile accessory Echo Center in the Mouth of Nakdong River Configuration : 1.7cm x 5cm
    box : 4cm x 15.5 x 1.5cm
  • 낙동강하구에코센터_연필꽃이Round shaped pen case Configuration : 8.3cm x 9.5cm
    box : 10cm x 10 x 12.5cm
Special Order Item - Tourism products of Seoul’s eight attractions (Cheonggyecheon Tourism souvenir)
They are designed with the motif of eight tourist attractions (eight attractions of Cheonggyecheon) of Cheonggye stream.
The first attraction - Cheonggye Plaza (A starting point of Chenggye stream, symbolizing people’s wish for meeting, harmony and unification)
The second attraction - Gwangtonggyp Bridge (Being the largest bridge in the capital of Chosun Dynasty, it was an important traffic route for royal carriages and envoy parades)
The third attraction - Wall painting depiction of King Jeongjo's procession
(Painting of King Jeongjo’s procession for eight days of going to and returning from Heonreungwon in 1795)
The fourth attraction ? Fashion Plaza (Wall of culture, resting place with stream fountain and waterside stage in the city)
The fifth attraction ? Wash place (A site that reproduced the old and complacent landscape of Cheongye stream, where women washed clothes while children bathed and played)
The sixth attraction ? Wall of Hope (A wall painting that people participate to complete its painting, wishing for harmony, peace and unification)
The seventh attraction - Jonchigyogak Bridge (The three piers of Cheonggye overpasses have been remained to transcend the historical symbol and meaning of the restoration of Chenggye stream to future generations)
The eighth attraction ? Willow swamp (Eco-friendly space of reproduced ecological system close to nature, where people can feel the scent of nature within the city)
  • MK-S001MK-S001 Cheonggyecheon Key Ring(1pcs) Configuration : circle size(3.3cm x 0.3cm), square size(3.3cmx2.3cmx0.3cm), sector size(4.3cmx2.4cmx0.3cm)
    box : 6.5cm x 10.5cm x 1.2cm
  • MK-S002MK-S002 Cheonggyecheon Mobile Phone Accessory(1pcs) Configuration : circle size(2.5cm x 0.3cm), square size(2cmx2.5cmx0.3cm), sector size(3.5cmx1.7cmx0.3cm)
    box : 6.5cm x 10.5cm x 1.2cm
  • MK-S003MK-S003 Cheonggyecheon Magnet(2pcs) Configuration : circle size(4.2cm x 0.7cm), square size(4.4cmx3.2cmx0.7cm), sector size(6cm x 2.6cm x 0.7cm)
    box : 8cm x 14.5cm x 1.5cm
  • MK-S005MK-S005 Cheonggyecheon Painting Dish 8inch(1pcs) Configuration : dish 1p 8”(L 20.5cm, stand included)
    box : 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 3.5cm
  • MK-S006MK-S006 Cheonggyecheon ORIGINAL Spoon, Fork set_Small (4pcs) Configuration : spoon 2p (1.7cm x 10cm), fork 2p (1.7cm x 10cm)
    box : 8cm x 13.5cm(2p) / 16cm x 13.5cm(5p)
  • MK-S008MK-S008 Cheonggyecheon Mirror(Circle Frame-1pcs) Configuration : Hand mirror 1p(6.5cm x 12.5cm, pouch included)
    box : 11cm x 11cm x 2.5cm
  • MK-S009MK-S009 Cheonggyecheon Compact Mirror(1pcs) Configuration : compact 1p (L 7.5cm, pouch included)
    box : 11cm x 11cm x 2.5cm
  • MK-S010MK-S010 Cheonggyecheon Table Clock(1p-Square Frame) Configuration : clock 1p(6cm × 9.5cm × 3.4cm)
    box : 10.3cm x 14.6cm x 4.3cm