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  • 1883인천개항장이미지


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Special Order Item - Incheon Metropolitan City Tourism souvenir
Incheon modern architecture
It is designed with the motif of Professor Kim Jae yeol’s drawings of modern architecture figures in Incheon to express a contemporary feel.
1883 Incheon Jung-gu Open Port
It is designed with the motif of the drawing of Incheon Open Port of Professor/western painter Kim Jae Yeol.
Distinct characteristics are added to the plates using calligraphy.
Exclusive elegance is added with a pearl background and gold lines (hand painted) at the edges of the plates.
In the package, part of the drawing is gold printed to make the box look more luxurious and differentiated from other products.
Incheon’s eight attractions
It is designed with the motif of Incheon’s eight attractions, showing cultural characteristics and symbols of Incheon city.
Ganghwa Jeondeungsa - The oldest existing temple in Korea
Incheon International Airport - The globally renowned hub airport of the Northeast Asia
Baengnyeongdo Dumunjin - The landscape comprising grotesque rocks and bizarre stones
Soreapogu -The only natural port located within the metropolitan areas
Incheon Bridge - The fifth ranked bridge in the world connecting Incheon International Airport and Songdo International City
Incheon China Town ? The Chinese traditional gate representing Incheon China Town
Songdo Convensia ? The international convention center embodying the beauty of mountainous ridge
Palmido Lighthouse - The first lighthouse in Korea located upon the entry course of Incheon port
  • MK-IN001MK-IN001 Incheon modern architecture coffee set with mandarin duck lids(6pcs) Configuration : cup 2p(7cm x 8.5cm, 160ml), cup plate 2p(L 13cm), cup lid 2p(L 7.5cm)
    box : 37.5cm x 22cm x 8.5cm
  • MK-IN002MK-IN002 Incheon’s eight attractions Foldingn Screen with Mother-of-Pearl (four breadths) Configuration : Screens folder (48.5cm×27cm×1cm )
    box : 28.5cm × 14.3cm × 5cm
  • MK-IN003MK-IN003 Incheon modern architecture NEW Spoon, Fork Set (6pcs) Configuration : spoon 3p, fork 3p-1set (frame size 13cm - front : image / back : image)
    box : 21cm x 16cm x 3.5cm
  • MK-IN004MK-IN004 1883 Incheon Jung-gu Open Port Painting Dish 8inch (1pcs) Configuration : dish(1p) 8”(L 20.5cm, stand included)
    box : 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 3.5cm
  • MK-IN005MK-IN005 Incheon modern architecture NEW Table Clock (1pcs) Configuration : clock(1p) 13.5cm x 7.5cm x 4cm
    box : 16cm x 11.5cm x 5.2cm
  • MK-IN006MK-IN006 Incheon modern architecture NEW Coffee set (4pcs) Configuration: cup 2p(8.5cm x 10cm, 260ml), cup plate 2p(L 15.5cm)
    Box : 30cm x 23cm x 9.5cm