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Mugunghwa series
Mugunghwa 1 person tea set - Mugunghwa implies <a flower that blooms again and again>
Its the Korean national flower. The Korean artist re-designed it to give a modern beauty using watercolors.
The product was released as a tea set for 1 person, reflecting the trend of single households. It is easy to deliver and comes with a drip mat along with a generous sized square dish. (available also for 2 persons)
The background and Mugunghwa color are harmonized while giving a hand-painted effect, expressing elegance.
The snug sized box is not too big. It is a high-class gift with gold leaf print with a Mugunghwa pattern.
The explanation of the picture is written in two languages.
Mugunghwa mug and cover(Pink pearl background box / Green pearl background box) - elegant and splendid. Two types of boxes, general and high-class.
Available as a set that includes a petal shaped silicon cup cover(MK-MU005) attached with a pottery handle (butterfly, flower bud, lovebirds)
The silicon cover was produced in the of a petal, with the motif of Mugunghwa, the Korean national flower and the symbol of eternity.
The handle of the silicon cover was produced in ceramic, with gorgeous flower buds, butterflies, and lovebirds Light and practical material.
Available as a set..
Materials :rubber(silicon), handle pottery decoration-flower bud, butterfly, lovebirds (Porcelain, baked 3 times at 1,250 degrees).
Composition :Silicon cover 1p(L 11.3cm)
  • MK-MU001MK-MU001 Mugunghwa 1 person tea set (2 pcs) 1 cup 200ml, 1 dish 20.5cm x 12.5cm
  • MK-MU002MK-MU002 Mugunghwa Mug (1 pcs) White
    1 mug 350ml
  • MK-MU003MK-MU003 Mugunghwa Mug (1 pcs) Pink pearl
    1 mug 350ml
  • MK-MU004MK-MU004 Mugunghwa Mug (1 pcs) Green pearl
    1 mug 350ml
  • MK-MU005MK-MU005 Pottery handle silicon cover (1 pcs) flower buds, butterflies, and lovebirds
    1 Silicon cover 11.3cm