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An art in the life and the life in an art

Momkid Craft Korea pursues "an art in the life and the life in an art" at the same time, and tries to find its value in adding flexibility and
abundance to our life through ceramic art culture and tourism products.
Momkid Craft Korea has been manufacturing products in two ways; the creative and high quality hand-painting, and the unique
transcription with practicality. Ceramic product has very strong hardness because its material called porcelain has been burned three times under 1250”ĘC fire to be used as a practical and high quality ceramic product for daily life.

Momkid Craft Korea received a presidential award at "Korea Tourism Souvenir Contest Exhibition (2003)" and it has been widely recognized in the international events since its product was selected as a minister's souvenir at "G20 Summit" held in seoul in 2010.

Korea's traditional image is recreated in the cultural product with modern value by using 'genre painting' as a representing brand.
Recently, Momkid Craft Korea was developed products using paintings like "Uigwe (for the Royal Wedding Ceremony of King Yeongjo and Queen Jeongsun) " as motifs. Also has developed a new product to the motif of Hunminjeongem(Hangeul) and Arirang(lyrical folk song in the Republic of Korea) by historical and cultural value of a cultural icon representing Korea and national brand.
We believe that these products have an important role in informing the artistic value of the Korea culture to the world.

Our main clients are Samsung Foundation of Culture, Shilla hotel, SAMSUNG, LG, Hyundai, Korea National Tourism Organization,
Hoam Art Hall, Rodin Gallery, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation and etc.
Also our products displayed and sold at the luxury souvenir shop in the British Museum from November 2011.
It means that the world best museum acknowledged the excellence of Korean culture and the technology of Momkid products.

  • ** Started for Selling in British Museum Luxury Shop and Collections Shop in UK.
  • ** Started for Selling in Harrods Writing Room in UK.